Our Investment Strategy

At SmartPitch Ventures, we identify investment opportunities by carefully researching, evaluating, and combining key aspects of information gathered about them, the markets they influence allowing us to make intelligent decisions about their potential for our investors.

What We Look For

We focus on companies that have disruptive technologies and/or business models that will reshape key industries such as:

  • Energy, food, water, real estate, and finance, with a special focus on energy. 

We study key market trends using uniquely developed tools.

Our Philosophy

We will only invest in and develop a company that is:

  • Prudent with its capital and runs a lean operation
  • Has created and evolved a commercially viable offering
  • Demonstrates patience, perseverance, and nimbleness in building their business

These values are fundamental as they illustrate the company's willingness and commitment to bettering its business offerings. 

Markers for Growth

We take a comprehensive look at a company's:

  • management team
  • market strategy 
  • business model
  • competitive positioning 
  • financials
  • assets